CoreLogic Property Lookup and Valuations

Get fast and reliable replacement cost valuations within TurboRater for your home and dwelling clients via our integration with CoreLogic (previously known as Marshall & Swift).

With just the property address, TurboRater's property lookup feature saves you time when quoting home or dwelling quotes by pre-populating the home's characteristic information right into the form.

In addition to a replacement cost estimation, with and without debris removal, CoreLogic's reports include natural hazard data, such as wildfire, wind and hail probability, and more.

For more than 80 years, CoreLogic has aggregated massive amounts of risk and construction cost data to calculate valuations so your agency can adequately insure your clients.

For $45 a month, you can enter a property's characteristics and get a replacement cost value for the home. For an additional $1.00 per transaction, CoreLogic will prefill the property's characteristics so you don't have to.

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