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If You Want Your Agency to Succeed, Eat More Donuts

donuts close up photoI like donuts. Most people do. In fact, there are over 900 donut shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So, I know I'm not alone loving the sugary breakfast treat.  

There are more insurance agents than donut shops in DFW. Does this mean people like insurance more than donuts? Hardly.  

We like choices, even if they may all seem like the same at first. But, not all donut shops are equal. 

My favorite donut shop, Glazed Donut Works, always has a line. It also takes five minutes to get a donut. Why would anyone wait five minutes for a hot glazed treat they can get at 900 other places? 

Consider three things that make Glazed Donut Works special. Then, you can make your agency stand out as well.

1. They take pride in what they do.  

They use the finest ingredients. They make their own yeast.  As an independent agent, you should take pride in helping people every single day. 

Make sure everyone at your insurance agency understands the value they provide. That way it will be evident to anyone who calls or walks in the door.

2. They only sell donuts.  

Glazed has unique donuts. But, their grilled cheese with bacon donut is still a donut. No kolaches, bagels or breakfast burritos. Just donuts. And they’re experts. Specialists, even.  

Agents need to be clearly seen as an expert or trusted advisor for a risk. Be it auto, home or liquor liability. Whatever the risk, make sure your clients understand you know what you are talking about.

3. You can see the donuts made while you wait in line. 

You might be thinking this is great transparency. Actually, it is more about the customer experience. 

While you wait in line to place your order, you see the eclectic selection. You observe the genesis.  Your anticipation builds during the five minute wait. 

Agents need to find ways to improve the client experience and increase engagement. This helps you move from the insurance agent down the street to my insurance agent down the street.
It's easy to tell yourself you're different from the agency down the street.  But does the experience you provide consumers say the same thing?    

What do you think is the secret to agency success? Leave a comment below. 


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