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Mastering the Promotional Email to Increase ROI

For some of our customers, email marketing can seem overwhelming. With so many different ways to utilize email for marketing, it’s sometimes difficult to feel you’ve mastered any of them. The good news is I’m here to help!

I will be explaining the many uses of the promotional email in March’s Masters of Marketing webinar. If you’re looking for creative ways to increase your ROI using email marketing, this one’s for you!

In our upcoming Masters of Marketing webinar, you’ll learn how to get a higher ROI by offering your contacts something in return. I will be breaking down how to plan, design, develop and execute effective promotional email campaigns like:

Referral Campaigns
Community Partnerships

When you join me on March 16, you’ll get an in-depth look at how the promotional email works, and how you can make it work for you! 

Register for our next installment of Masters of Marketing on March 16th at 12 pm CT by following this link



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