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How a Marketing Expert Can Help Your Insurance Agency

clear visionWe provide marketing services and expertise to insurance agents. So, the topic of this post may not surprise you. Of course we advocate for hiring marketing experts. But before I get into how hiring a marketing expert can help your agency, let me expand on what a marketing expert is not.

A marketing expert is not…

… a magic pill. Hiring a marketing expert is not going to magically fix your agency’s marketing if you don’t change how you view the challenge and opportunity of today’s online world. Without the processes and technology in place, there is little a marketing expert can do for your agency. These procedures and tools are critical to help you service leads and clients in the various ways they want to interact with you.

… a silver bullet. Hiring a marketing expert does not mean that you can delegate everything marketing to him or her. It also doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything else to market your agency. You still need to have an active role in your agency marketing. No one knows your agency better than you do, including a marketing expert.

Here is what hiring marketing help can do for your insurance agency. 

  1. Find a strategy 
    Before you go full tilt on marketing activities, you will need a solid strategy to build your agency marketing foundation on. For example, if your insurance agency website needs work, you don’t want to start spending time and money on driving traffic to it. A marketing expert will help you identify the direction you want to go in and then help you take the proper steps to reach your goal successfully.

  2. Get focused
    When you’re doing many different marketing activities, it can be hard to know which is truly working and which isn’t. You have no idea where you should be spending your marketing budget and what’s a waste of your money. A marketing expert can help you focus on the right priorities and get an established process on those marketing activities before moving on to try new ones.

  3. Fill in resource gaps
    Your expertise as an insurance agent lies in helping your clients get the best coverage for their needs at a price that works for them. You may have spent years marketing your agency to some amount of success, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a
    marketing expert. Doing all the marketing yourself can be more costly than outsourcing some of it. You might be able to create a newsletter or know a little about SEO that you can optimize your page titles and descriptions. But spending time on these activities can take you away from tasks that you are better off spending your time on. A marketing expert can give you the time you need to get back to doing what you do best.

  4. Hold you accountable
    It is easy to say you’re going to commit to something, like blogging or a monthly newsletter. It is much harder to keep that commitment when you have many other things competing for your attention. A marketing expert can help you document your agency marketing plan and then hold you accountable to it.
Think your agency can use some marketing help? Request a free agency consultation to learn more.


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