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3 Reasons Why Your Insurance Agency Needs an Email Newsletter

email newsletterIf you already send out holiday and birthday emails, you know the ropes of good communication. You can take communication even further with email newsletters. Newsletters round out your agency marketing by delivering content directly to your clients.

Not sure if newsletters are the right step for your agency? After reading the three reasons why they work, you will be ready to start.

  1. Packages Your Online Presence
    There are many distractions on the Internet. You want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to find you online. Your newsletter will provide content while promoting your social media pages and insurance website

    For example, you can dedicate a section in your newsletter to the most recent articles on your blog. Another section can highlight your current Facebook contest. You can also include a video from your YouTube account, photos you’ve shared, etc. With 
    newsletters you get to communicate and share what your agency is doing online in small, digestible bites.

  2. Drives Traffic to Your Insurance Agency Website
    When writing content it’s best to keep it short and sweet. The same goes for your newsletter, especially the sections that link back to your website. Include just enough of a tease to get your point across and encourage your readers to click to read more. This will make the content compelling. After all, your insurance website is where people can get quotes and communicate with you directly. Getting them to your website will help with your traffic goals and possibly with converting prospects.

  3. Keeps Your Brand In Front of Clients and Prospects 
    Insurance is something consumers hope they don’t have to use. Other than contacting you to pay for their policy, your clients may not think of your agency often. With 
    newsletters you continue to keep your agency fresh in their minds. Scheduling monthly or quarterly newsletters helps you build relationships. Communicating with your clients provides a human aspect to your agency and may even get you referrals. 
An email newsletter is an important part of agency marketing in the modern world. It expands your online reach, drives insurance website traffic and keeps your brand in front of your clients. Plus, it’s inexpensive.

Got a question or comments about why your agency should be using email newsletters? Leave a comment below.


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